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An Intelligent Switch
An Intelligent Switch
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your surroundings
your surroundings
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contactless experience
Contactless Experience
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Not Just Smart
But AIntelligent
Not Just Smart
But AIntelligent
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What is Cerna?

1.5 lakh crore rupees worth of electricity is  wasted each year. This drives up electricity bills and harms the environment. To prevent such wastage, we introduce Cerna! An Intelligent Switch which It can turn on, off and operate any electrical device. It has inbuilt intelligence to work without any human. interaction. It senses  human presence, motion, lighting and accordingly switches on/off connected devices like lights, fans, TV, humidifier or any such electrical device. Easy to install and it works with existing switches. so you don’t need to buy additional hardware.


AI Enabled

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, completely automated without requiring any human intervention.


Works with any electrical device and any sensor.


Advanced security features TLS 1.2 employed, and all connections are encrypted.

Installation support

Provided by Quantian
Takes less than 2 hours.


Integrates with existing
switchboards without rewiring.

Made in India

Designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Smarter Solution For Better Living

Hassle-Free Installation

App Features

App Available for Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. Your physical switch will also work along with the App.

Installation is free in select cities. Takes about 5 minutes for installation for the technician

Yes. There is  dependency of Wi-fi.

Yes. There is  dependency of Wi-fi.

Here you don’t need to control the switches via mobile.

The device knows your requirements and AI will operate the switches on your behalf.

 You can of course override that and take

Here you can control the switches via mobile device.

We do not charge any monthly or subscription charges on our product.